EpoStone - a unique two-component binder

Complementary Chemicals

EpoStone is a unique binder and the main component of the TopStone system.


Bonding material for creating TopStone® Surfaces by connecting special pebblestones and other fillers offered by the company TOPSTONE.


Nonylphenol-free, harmless after curing, applicable to fresh concrete up to 5 days after concreting, on anhydrite (with maximum residual moisture in the substrate of 4%) and other suitable substrates. Does not react with water, does not mix with water, solvent-free, binds non-porous surfaces, tough, long-lasting, does not flow down (ideal viscosity).


• Two-component, colorless, low viscosity, solvent-free, epoxy.

Preparation data:

EpoStone may not come into direct contact with water or chemicals during application and curing (do not apply in the rain!). The substrate, moreover, may not contain substances soluble in water such as salts, solvents, etc. For heating the space during application, do not use oil burners, gas burners, etc., producing CO2 and water vapor in the location, which have a negative impact on the quality of the surface.


The consumption of material listed here may vary according to specific conditions and according to the particular application.

Retail packaging 1.25 kg Twinpack
Wholesale packaging 30 kg
Wholesale packaging 560 kg


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For the warranty period, see the information on the packaging.


Mixing ratio A: B to weight 1.8: 1 or according to packaging label

Workability of the material 40 minutes at 20°C
Complete curing Full curing 7 days at 20°C
Compressive strength 65 N/mm
Bond strength higher than the concrete cohesion
Slip resistance (in case of dryness - in wet conditions) Satisfies (≤ 0,5) in accord. with ČSN 74 4505


Chemical compound – a mixture of epoxy resin with a specially formulated curing system. Traffic classification – ADR com. A9 and com. B8. More information can be found on the safety data sheet. Fire extinguishing methods – dry sand, alcohol resistant foam, CO2, water spray. DO NOT USE WATER!!!

The information and data contained in this document is based on our best knowledge and experience. When using our products according to our recommended procedures on the materials for which these products are intended, there can be no harm or damage caused. The material, application techniques, and working and operating conditions are, however, outside our control and therefore our recommendations are only generally valid and cannot be used as the basis for liability.

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