PolyaStone - Unique Binder

Complementary Chemicals

PolyaStone is a unique UV stable binder which forms the major component of the
TopStone® system


Binding material for TopStone® surfaces created by bonding the special stones and other fillers offered by TOPSTONE s.r.o.


The main advantage of the product in comparison with the material based on epoxy resin is its 100% resistance to UV degradation. Fast curing even at low temperatures around 2°C.


- two components
- colorless
- low viscosity
- solvent-free
- aliphatic

Workability data of PolyaStone binder including the fillers (aggregate):

Pot life At 10°C 40 minutes
At 20°C 30 minutes
At 30°C 20 minutes
The surface of the material is not
sticky - light load
At 10°C 3 hours
At 20°C 2 hours
At 30°C 1.5 hours
The material is fully walkable At 10°C 12 hours
At 20°C 4 hours
At 30°C 5 hours
The material is fully loadable At 10°C After 72 hours
At 20°C After 48 hours
At 30°C After 24 hours

Retail packaging 1.25 kg twinpack
Wholesale packaging 12.5 kg

Mixing ratio A:B by weight 1.55:1 or see the label on the packaging.

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