Top Fix - Adhesive and Priming Screed Material (twinpack)

Complementary Chemicals

TopFix is a supplementary material for the TopStone system. A unique material, it can be applied to substrates without any limitation on % moisture content.


- Penetrating, adhesive layer for perfectly attaching the TopStone system to the substrate.

Possible applications:

• On all substrates suitable for installing the TopStone system.
• On old epoxy screeds
• On reinforcements for surfaces and cracked depressions, etc.
• As a substrate and adhesive layer for TopPur and TopBandwaterproofing.


• New recipe!!! 2x higher strength in the first 24 and 48 hours during curing
• Faster curing even at low temperatures (sandability after 12 hours already, when using an accelerator, the realization
is shortened)
• By 20% lower viscosity - better primer, lower consumption already from 0.2 kg / m², more can be filled in the formation of plastic mortar and the like.
• It can also be primed young non-mature concrete (5 days after concreting with maximum residual moisture in the ground to 4%).
• It can be used on old concrete, stone, anhydrite, wood, metal, tiles and other non-porous materials (with maximum moisture in the ground up to 4%, with anhydrite up to 2%).


• Two-component, colorless, low viscosity, solvent-free, epoxy, and environmentally friendly.


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For the warranty period, see the information on the packaging.

Packaging and sufficiency:

Preparation and applic. time 40 minutes at an outdoor temp of 20°C
Recomm. temp. for installation > 10°C (≤ + 30°C)
At low temperature Slow curing
At high temperature Fast curing
Applicability of the surface at 20°C The next layer within 24 hours
The surface is hardened after 24 hours
Fully cured in 7 days
Retail packaging 1 kg appr. 3,3 m2
Retail packaging 5 kg appr. 15 m2
Retail packaging 30 kg appr. 90 m2
Retail packaging 560 kg appr. 1697 m2

Production data:

TopFix may not come into direct contact with water or chemicals during application and curing (do not apply in the rain!). The substrate, moreover, may not contain substances soluble in water such as salts, solvents, etc. For heating the space during application, do not use oil burners, gas burners, etc., producing CO2 and water vapor in the location, which have a negative impact on the quality of the surface. The consumption of material listed here may vary according to specific conditions and according to the particular application.

Apply TopFix to the surface immediately after mixing. Failure to do so will result in the risk that, during any remix (after more than 5-10 minutes), a sharp  xothermic reaction will spontaneously occur! Clean tools and skin of any uncured material with TopStone Cleaner; cured material mechanically – emery paper, grinding, etc.

User instructions:

1. Preparing the substrate – remove any impurities, non-cohesive parts, smooth ough areas by, as required, grinding, milling, blasting and subsequently vacuuming the surface, remove grease and other chemicals that can act as a separator. 

2. Preparing tools: container for mixing the two components of the binder according to the instructions, mixer, paint roller (velor, nylon surface with short bristles), brush, squeegee, steel trowel. 

3. Thoroughly mix the two components of TopFix using a slow-turning mixer for 1.5 minutes. When ready, apply the material within 40 minutes at 20°C using the appropriate means, such as a paint roller, brush, squeegee, AIRLESS spray method, etc. Packaging
Twinpack: Follow the label instructions: remove the clip by dividing the two components of the penetration, wrapping the wrapper on several sides, mixing the two components together, cutting it in the designated place and pouring the mixture into the paint container. 

4. To increase the adhesion of another layer, dry and clean quartz sand of grain size 0.3 - 0.5 millimeters (consumption of about 0.5-4 kg/m) can be sprinkled on a fresh, as yet uncured TopFix surface, or by adding the quartz sand directly into the material during the procedure and applying the primer with a steel trowel – mixing at the maximum rate for TopFix: quartz sand – 1:1. 

5. Apply TopFix at a decreasing temperature to avoid pores being created by air bubbles in the substrate. The coating must perfectly seal the surface even if double priming is required. 

6. TopStone Surface may be applied to a “live” penetration of TopFix, i.e. immediately after priming the surface with TopStone.


Basic characteristics Level
Compressive strength 65 Mpa
Tensile strength 39 Mpa
Bending strength 60 Mpa
Adhesion to concrete 2,7 Mpa
Reaction to fire Bfl-S1
Antiskid (dry – wet) Satisfies (≥ 0,5) in accor. with ČSN 74 4505
Consumption Appr. 0.2–0.8 kg/m² jaccor. to the substrate

Mixing ratio

A: B to weight 1.8: 1 or according to the label on the packaging.


Chemical composition – a mixture of epoxy resin with a specially formulated curing system. Traffic classification – ADR com. A9 and com. B8. More information can be found on the safety data sheet. Fire extinguishing methods – dry sand, alcohol resistant foam, CO2, water spray. DO NOT USE WATER!!!

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