Top Vital - Renewal Coating (twinpack)

Complementary Chemicals

Renewal coating

TopVital is a supplementary material for the TopStone system.


• For brightening the surface gloss (the surface may lose gloss after certain time and load, and the stones get dull - due to weather, UV radiation)

Possible applications:

• on all substrates suitable for installing the TopStone® system
• on all TopStone® system surfaces
• TopVital increases slip resistance of the surface together with TopStop (constantly wet surfaces, stairs etc.).
• TopVital can be used for the application of design effects (glitters etc.)


• extends the life of the surface, renews the TopStone® System.


• two-component, epoxy, colorless, with water or solvent-free, environmentally

Workability data:

During application and curing of TopVital the surface can‘t come into contact with water or chemicals. Do not use diesel burners, gas burners etc. for heating in the application site. They produce CO2 and water vapor in the application site, which has a negative influence on the surface quality.

Pot life of the material 40 minutes at outdoor temperature of 20°C
Recommended temperature for laying > 10°C (S +30°C)
At low temperature Slow curing
At high temperature Fast curing
Surface usability at 20°C Walkable after 24 hours Fully
functional after 3 days

Packaging and coverage:

The consumption of the material listed here may vary depending on the specific conditions and application.


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging.

Retail packaging 1 kg appr. 3.33 m2
Wholesale packaging 30 kg appr. 100 m2

Instructions for Use:

1. Substrate Preparation - remove all incoherent parts, clean the surface with high-pressure water, brush, vacuum cleaner, etc. and degrease using technical acetone.

2. Preparation of tools - a container for mixing the two components of the binder according to the instructions, mixer, paint roller, possibly a brush, paint tray. Twinpack packaging: paint roller (velor, nylon surface short bristles), paint tray,
brush, squeegee, steel trowel.

3. Thoroughly mix the two components of TopVital using a slow-turning mixer for 3 minutes. When ready, apply the material within 40 minutes at 20 °C using the appropriate technology, such as a paint roller or a brush. Do not pour TopVital on the surface, but apply it with a roller from another paint container. Twinpack Packaging: Follow the instructions on the label: remove the clip separating both components of the primer, press the packaging several times from several sides to mix the two components with each other, cut at the indicated place and pour the content of the mixture into the paint container.

4. Apply the mixed TopVital on the prepared clean and dry surface with the roller or brush. Consumption approx. 0.3 kg/m2. Apply TopVital to the surface immediately after mixing. Failure to do so will result in the risk that, during any remix (after more than 5-10 minutes), a sharp exothermic reaction will pontaneously occur! Make sure to clean all tools and skin of any uncured material with TopStone Cleaner or acetone; cured material mechanically – sandpaper, grinder, etc.


Basic characteristics Level
Compressive strength 65 MPa
Tensile strength 39 MPa
Flexural strength 60 MPa
Adhesion to concrete 2.7 MPa
Reaction to fire Bfl-S1
Slip resistance (dry - wet) Meets (SO.5) according to ČSN 74 4505
Consumption Ca. 0.3–0.5 kg/m² depending on the surface

Mixing ratio A: B by weight 1.8: 1 or see the label on the


Chemical composition – a mixture of epoxy resin with a specially formulated curing system. Transportation classification - ADR comp. A 9 and comp. B 8. See the material safety data sheet for more information. Fire extinguishing
methods - dry sand, alcohol-resistive foam, CO2, water mist. DO NOT EXTINGUISH WITH WATER!!!

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