Top Wall 24

Complementary Chemicals

TopWall - Application of epoxy based wall system.


• 2 in 1 – priming is a part of binder
• High water resistance, chemical resistance
• High strength and abrasion resistance
• Application to vertical surfaces without formwork
• Application to unlimited heights
• Partial drainage capability
• Faster curing
• Higher UV stability

Possible applications:

• Can be used to all types of substrates of vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Can be used indoors and outdoors (kitchens, showers, stairs, walls behind TV, hanger walls, column repairs,
• decorations, fireplace walls - up to 75°C...)
• We recommend to enclose the structure of TopWall with the TopGel product when applying to wet areas (showers...). 

Application mixing ratio, technical parameters:

• Mixing ratio 1,58:1 (A component : B component), by weight, packaging 3.6 kg (A component 2.21 kg and B component 1.39 kg), by weight, packaging 2.6 kg (A component 1.58 kg and B component B 1.02 kg).
• Pot life 30 minutes.

Fractions size of the stones:

• Recommended stone fraction 2–5 mm, 2–4 mm
• Recommended stone fraction 2–8 mm and 4–8 mm


Retail packaging 3.6 kg / for fraction size of the stones 2–5 mm
Retail packaging 2.6 kg / for fraction size of the stones 4–8 mm
Coverage of the packaging per metre for surface 2 thickness 8 mm marble
stone 2 m2, river stone 2.2 m2


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging.

TopWall binder serves as priming - two in one:

• 3.6 kg packing (0.5 kg of primer, 3.1 kg of TopWall binder + 25 kg of filler)
• 2.6 kg packing (0.5 kg of primer, 2.1 kg of TopWall binder + 25 kg of filler)


Chemical composition – a mixture of epoxy resin with a specially formulated curing system. Transportation classifications - ADR col. A9 and col. B8. More information can be found on the safety data sheet. Fire extinguishing methods - dry sand, alcohol-resistive foam, CO2, water mist. DO NOT USE WATER!!!


Manufacturer recommendations: Apply the wall system in parts of the packaging, half or a third, due to more complex material processing than the conventional system. For beginners, the manufacturer recommends mixing TopWall binder packs to 1/4 according to these instructions: For better workability and better mixing of binder with filler, we recommend to divide the mixing and subsequent laying of TopWall surface into smaller batches (eg for a quarter of 6.25 kg). For one dose, 6.25 kg of stones and binder are needed:
• fraction 2-4 mm - binder 900 g (550 g slurry A, 350 g slurry B), of which 125 g of the mixture is used for penetration
• fraction 4-7 mm - binder 650 g (400 g slurry A, 250 g slurry B) of which 125 g of the mixture is used for penetration.
1. Mix A and B component according to the ratio indicated on the label.
2. Perform priming with a brush (with a spattle, trowel or rubber squeegee). Note: the mixture is thick and it is not necessary to perform priming on the whole surface to ensure breathing of the wall. When dividing the mixture into quarters, the
amount of primer is 125 g. Of this amount, an area of about 0.5 m2²is primed.
3. Add fillers in the rest of the binder and then mix thoroughly! The mixture must be homogeneous!
Note: Use only dry filler for application.
4. To apply with polishing irons on a vertical surface from the lower edge, gradually apply the material and peel it down to compress the filler as much as possible.
Note: The polishing iron must always be cleaned with technical acetone or the special cleaner TopCleaner (odorless, does not volatilize), which forms a fine film for the application, over which the polishing iron glides better.

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