Complementary Chemicals

Special 3-component clear epoxy gel for enclosing the TopStone or TopWall surface structure.


• High water resistance
• Enclosing the TopStone surface on horizontal and vertical surfaces
• Fast curing
• Low consumption
• The surface is permanently resistant to salt and other chemicals after curing
• Simple enclosure for slope layers
• High abrasion resistance, high UV stability and clarity

Possible applications:

• Horizontal and vertical surfaces
• Use mainly indoors
• Areas with a permanent water load (bathrooms, showers...)

Application mixing ratio:

• 1.65:1:0.14 (A:B:C), by weight, 1.5 kg packing 0.89:0.54:0.08 kg by weight

Packaging and coverage:

Retail packaging 1,5 kg - cca 1,2m2

Retail packaging 30 kg - cca 37,5m2


• 1.25 to 2 kg/m2 according to the fraction size and surface flatness
• The estimated consumption for the fraction size 2-4 mm a 3-5 mm is 1.25 kg/m2.
• The estimated consumption for the fraction size 4-7 mm a 4-8 mm is 1.5 kg/m2.


At temperatures > +5°C < +28°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging. The product may not freeze!!!


Pot life: 20 minutes + 10 minutes technological break.


Chemical composition – a mixture of epoxy resin with a specially formulated curing system. Transportation classifications - ADR col. A9 and col. C3. More information can be found on the safety data sheet. Fire extinguishing methods - dry sand, alcohol-resistive foam, CO2, water mist. DO NOT USE WATER!!!


1. Pour component B into component A and mix thoroughly for about 1 minute.
2. Add C component, mix thoroughly.
3. Leave 10 minutes - technological break - the gel is being created.
4. Do not mix again!!! - apply immediately, maximum pot life is 20 minutes.
5. Apply with a squeegee or grout trowel.

WARNING! Apply to the surface immediately after mixing and technological pause. Failure to do so will result in the risk that, during any remixing, a sharp exothermic reaction will spontaneously occur!

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