TopPur - Substrate Waterproofing

Complementary Chemicals

TopPur is a supplementary material for the TopStone® system.


Waterproofing material protecting against the ingress of moisture or other substances into the substructure before laying the TopStone® system.

Possible applications:

• exterior waterproofing – balconies, terraces, outdoor stairs, loggias
• interior waterproofing – showers, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, anhydrite floors


• tensibility up to 600 %, bridging of static cracks in the substructure at -10°C (up to 2 mm) and dynamic cracks up to 0.5 mm.
• fast application
• resistance to root penetration
• resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and oil products
• Full-area adhesion without any other additional anchoring - easy
and fast repair of local damages
• salt and chemical resistance


• three-component, polyurethane-based material creating a waterproofing membrane, solvent-free

Mixing ratio A:B:C - 3.56:0.61:0.83, or see the label on the packaging.

Packaging and coverage:

The consumption of the material listed here may vary depending on
the specific conditions and application.

Retail packaging 2.5 kg approx. 2.5 m2
Retail packaging 5 kg approx. 5 m2
Wholesale packaging 30 kg approx. 30 m2


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging.

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