Complementary Chemicals

special nonskid filler

TopStop is a supplementary product for the TopStone® system.


• Special anti-skid filler for higher safety when moving on the Top-Stone® surface.

Possible applications:

• both exterior and interior, for all kinds of TOPSTONE® system surfaces,
especially the stairs, permanently wet areas, etc.
• Please note that the surface (especially in interiors) can make cleaning using the classical method (wiping) more difficult


• safer movement
• long life
• good maintenance compared to other nonskid systems
• walkable barefoot


• Special non-reactive addition with round grains

Workability data:

Based on the use in the TopStone® or TopVital surface

Packaging and coverage:

The consumption of the material listed here may vary depending on the specific conditions and application.

0.5 kg up to 10 m2
3 kg about 60 m2


At temperatures > +12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging.

Instructions for Use:

There two ways of adding the nonskid filler:
a. when laying the TopStone® surface, scatter the TopStop by throwing it evenly into the air above the surface that needs to be roughen (as soon as possible after laying TopStone®), and allowing to fall freely (consumption 50 g/m2, based on
the desired roughness).
b. later, on the finished TopStone® surface using the TopVital material:
1. Substrate Preparation - remove all incoherent parts, clean the surface with high-pressure water, brush, vacuum cleaner, etc., degrease as necessary using technical acetone.
Preparation of tools - container for mixing the two components of the binder according to the instructions, mixer, paint roller (velor, nylon surface with short bristles), or a brush.
2. Thoroughly mix the two components of TopVital using a slow-turning mixer for 3 minutes.
3. Apply the mixed TopVital on the prepared clean and dry surface with a roller or brush (apply the material within 40 minutes at 20°C).
4. Scatter the TopStop into the uncured surface by throwing it evenly into the air above the surface that needs to be roughen (as soon as possible after applying the TopVital coating), and allowing to fall freely (consumption 50g/m2, based on
the desired roughness).


Chemically neutral
Insoluble in water
No free Fe
Melting point 1,200°C
Specific gravity 2.45 to 2.55 g/cm3
Pour density 1.4 to 1.5 g/cm3
Consumption of about 50 g/m2 based on the desired roughness
Nonskid characteristics of wet surface: pendulum swing value 63 according to EN 13036-4

Transportation classification:

• no special measures are required for the material Fire prevention measures:
• no measures are needed, the material is non-conductive and non-flammable


• avoid contact with eyes and skin - dust particles can cause irritation (in susceptible people)
• avoid inhalation - long-term effects of dust can cause pneumoconiosis.

First aid:

• eye contact: wash eyes with clean water, or get medical advice/attention
• inhalation: get to fresh air
• not radioactive, stable, inert material that can be disposed in a landfill
• TopStop is manufactured in accordance with DIN 8201 and BIA certified in relation to carcinogenic and silicogenic substances

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