Blue Pearl

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The BLUE PEARL surface is suitable for walkable surfaces indoors.  Use of EpoStone Clear binder


The price of the surface includes the certified binder (resin as component A and hardener as component B) and filler (sorted and repeatedly washed river stones). The price does not include shipping and laying of the surface.


The recommended thickness of the surface is ​​1.5 cm for walkable areas and 2 cm for vehicle traffic.


1 packaging = 25 kg of stones + 1.25 kg of binder

Filler (pearl stones) is packed in plastic bags of 25 kg. The binder is packed in bags - twinpacks - or in plastic canisters with the volume from 1 to 5 liters.


The material is delivered directly to your address or prepared for personal collection at your chosen TOPSTONE branch. There is also an option to choose personal collection at one of our partners.

Delivery date

The BLUE PEARL surface is usually kept in stock with the delivery time including the shipping from 3 to 7 working days. The material is ready for immediate personal collection.


Filler (pearl stones) for the BLUE PEARL surface is delivered in two different, separately packed fraction sizes (stone size) that need to be mixed together with the same mixing ratio before laying.

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