TopStone křišťálová pryskyřice CrystalArt SOFT sada (150ml)

TopStone Creative

2-component material (resin and hardener) for creative use


Casting and embedding of various items

Pot life:

45 minutes at 20°C, usability after 48 hours at 20°C. Pot life shortens at higher temperature and extends at lower temperature. Fully cured after 7 days.


At temperatures > 12°C < +25°C, in a dry place in the original packaging. For warranty period see details on the packaging.


Make sure to clean all tools and skin of any uncured material with TopStone Cleaner or acetone; clean the cured material mechanically with sandpaper, grinding, etc.


Preparation of tools: measure, stirrers, gloves, napkins, pot for mixing the two components of the material Measuring of resin and hardener according to the needs of the application and according to the volume ratio indicated on the
label. Mix both A component with B and stir them thoroughly for 3 minutes. You can add color, sequins and other material at the end. Casting, embedding, application - pot life is 45 minutes at 20°C, cured after 48 hours, fully cured after 7 days. The process can be accelerated by heating the material to a higher  temperature which is not higher than 60°C (depending on the material  forem). Demoulding


Keep out of reach of children! Apply immediately after mixing.
Failure to do so will result in the risk that, during any remix (after
more than 5-10 minutes), a sharp exothermic reaction will
spontaneously occur = fast hardening!
WARNING! Neither scrape out nor let drip the mixture from the
package as there is a high risk of uncured areas.

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