Frequently Asked Questions

It is a stone surface which can been described as a stone carpet, stone floor or stone floor tiles. TopStone material consists of a blend of natural stones and unique binder (two resin components as comp. A and hardener as comp B).

For more information, download EpoStone - Unique Binder Material Sheet [PDF]


They are suitable for change or renovation of both old and new concrete surfaces in exteriors and interiors. Specifically, the material can be used to adjust sidewalks, terraces, balconies, driveways or garage entrances, poolsides, outdoor steps and stairs.

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One of the unique properties is water permeability. No puddles remain on the surface in summer and it doesn't get slippery in winter. The surface is solid and seamless, frost resistant and easy to maintain.

TopStone surfaces can be applied to new concrete surfaces, but especially to old, uneven an unsightly concrete without the need of removing such concrete. Also to old but fully functional ceramic tiles, which form a rigid base and are not “hollow” or cracked (otherwise, we recommend to remove such tiles). TopStone material is suitable for interlocking pavement, if it is placed in a concrete base.

We are the ones who brought stone carpets to our market.

We have been improving our material and services for more than 20 years.

We have been developing new solutions, innovating.

Possibilities of use in the interior are broad, including hallways, garages, basements, entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, staircases, saunas, indoor poolsides, winter garages etc.

TopStone surface laying in interior is done in three possible structures. Water load intensity plays the key role when making decision between surface structures. EpoStone Clear binder is used for laying TopStone surface in interiors. It is safe, clear and without any odour and its curing period is shorter, which enables earlier use.

Material Sheet

Yes, this unique binder, which is used in interiors, has a certification of harmlessness and does not contain harmful NONYLPHENOL. The product is “CE” certified - which guarantees the parameters required by EU standards for the use in floors. The surface is hypoallergenic (the amount of dust is reduced).

Surface can be maintained in traditional way - vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, steam cleaning, etc.

The open structure of the surface is suitable for applications without water load of the surface. Conversely, its great advantage in interiors is the fact that there are no dust clumps that are typical for floating floors, because dust gradually falls into the structure and is easily removable by vacuum cleaners. Such surface is hypoallergenic.

Our binder does not contain toxic nonylphenol and it provides a unique characteristics based on its years of development: strength, can cope with moisture, offers a high UV stability and a fair price. We pay close attention to the quality and purity of the filler, i.e. small stones. They are repeatedly washed and sorted without dust particles.

Price includes binder, i.e. chemical components (resin comp. A and hardener comp. B), and filler, i.e. river or marble stone. TopStone is a fair solution for a fair price.

Yes you can.

Residual moisture of max. 4 % on the substructure does not affect the adhesion and the resulting characteristics of the surface.

Yes. EpoStone binder is recommended to use when installing in temperatures above 10 °C. At lower temperatures (below 10 °C), it is recommended to use EpoStone Clear binder for a faster chemical reaction.

We offer a great variety of surfaces based on two types of the filler (stones). River stones and marble stones in many colors. River stones with fraction size 2-8 mm. All of our surfaces with river stones MADEIRA, JÁVA, ELBA, KORSIKA, KORFU, SANTORINI and KRÉTA can be used for walkable surfaces like poolsides, sidewalks, terraces, as well as for vehicle traffic like driveways, garage entrances and parking for cars. We recommend MADEIRA surface (fraction size 2-5 mm) or JÁVA, SANTORINI or ELBA surface (fraction size 2-8 mm) for vertical surfaces (stairs, etc.).

Marble surfaces are offered in fifteen basic colors, which can be combined according to customer's preferences. Marble stones have fraction size 4-7 mm. Suitable for walkable surfaces (recommended thickness of 1 cm) and for vehicle traffic (recommended thickness of 1.5 cm). Based on specific customer orders, we are able to supply marble surfaces also in fraction size of 2-4 mm, which we recommend for walkable surfaces.

We offer pearl surfaces in 8 basic colour variants, which can be combined with each other. The fraction size of pearl stones is 3-5 mm. They are especially suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces in interiors.

For more information, download EpoStone - Unique Binder Material Sheet [PDF]


Yes. The vast majority of our customers lay the surface on smaller areas themselves. Thorough mixing of all components and subsequent laying according to the laying instructions is essential. We also recommend to watch our Video Manual before laying the surface.

Filler (stones) is packed in plastic bags of 25 kg. The binder has two components, resin (component A) + hardener (component B). Binder components are packaged  in plastic  packages of 1,25 kg (twinpack). Each delivery contains clear instructions for installation in printed form, and product packaging labels contain clear information on the mixing ratios of binder components.

Installation of vertical surfaces is possible.

There are several options of applying on a vertical surface

1. Use the formwork - mostly outdoors - skirting, steps up to the maximum height of 30 cm. Shuttering must be used for vertical surfaces and the vertical surface must be installed on a coherent substructure. The use of TopFix primer is necessary before laying TopStone surface on vertical areas. Other types of vertical surfaces for laying the surface outdoors can be found in the following data sheet Vertical Surface Installation Instructions - 

2. Using the direct application on the wall with the TopWall wall system - can be used both outdoors and indoors, regardless of height - without fixation - formwork. The combination of TopWall and TopStone in exteriors may lead to a slight deviation in the colour of the surface. Find more in the TopWall Material Sheet

We recommend to carry out laying in good weather. Outside temperature should not drop below 10 °C. The limit is 5 °C. Do not carry out laying in rain.

BE CAREFUL on “hot days” with temperatures above 30 °C - the binder needs to acclimate e.g. from a hot car to 25 °C.

It depends on skills. Recommended pot life of the mixture is 40 minutes at outside temperature of 20 °C. Pot life shortens at higher temperatures and extends at lower temperatures. We recommend to schedule the process well and mix smaller amounts of material at once, e.g. 25 kg of the filler (stones) and an adequate amount of binder (according to the label). First, mix resin and hardener in an appropriate mixing ratio in a separate plastic bucket, and then pour the mixture into 24 liter plastic bucked and mix it thoroughly again.

All the necessary information can be found in {1>Installation Instructions [PDF]<1}{2>Installation video<2}



Although the TopStone material has self priming properties, we recommend priming. Priming ensures that TopStone surface will adhere perfectly which will extend the life of the system. We offer and recommend TopFix priming from our product range. Priming is simple and can be done in one step with the laying of TopStone material.

Attention should be paid in case of laying the surface on newly laid concrete (age less than 1 month). It is ALWAYS necessary to apply priming on such substructure due to high humidity. We recommend to use the primer on concrete older than one year to improve the substructure, for better adhesion and to extend the life of the resulting TopStone surface.

We recommend to use our unique TopFix interior primer in the interiors, which can be applied to all kinds of substructure without moisture limits.

For more information, download TopFix  - Adhesive and Priming Screed Material Material Sheet a materiálový list TopFix interiér



TopFix priming is not a replacement of waterproofing.

It means an extension, dilatation, enlargement. In our industry, expansion is a measure that prevents damage to the floor structure during expansion (temperature changes, subsoil movements).

It is actually an interruption of the structure by creating expansion joints, which are filled with flexible putty or TopFiller, and expansion strips are anchored to the substructure with a putty.


If the concrete substrate or the foundation contains expansion gaps, it is necessary to create expansion gaps also in TopStone surface. You can use aluminum or stainless steel strips, which can be found in our range products and can be ordered together with TopStone material.

Expansion gaps are required for larger areas, even if there are no expansion gaps in the concrete substructure.


Aluminum or stainless steel terminal/finishing strips have L profile and are 2.5 metres long. They are used to terminate and separate TopStone material from the surrounding surface. They are also used as expansion gaps.

TOPSTONE also offers shaping strips (stainless steel, aluminum), which allow you to easily create the desired shape.



The surface is walkable after 24 hours at 20 °C and fully cured and loadable, including vehicle traffic, after 7 days.

Pool enclosure should be installed after laying TopStone material, ideally more than 7 days after laying. You can drill into the surface and install the enclosure after 7 days.

No. TopStone surface is water-permeable and thus doesn't serve as waterproofing. We offer solutions for the insulation of the substrate before laying TopStone surface – the TopPur material. For more information, contact our sales department or certified partners.

TopPur Material Sheet.


In case of new surfaces we recommend to address this issue with their professional designers, depending on the functional use of the resulting surface. The structural and technical conditions of the underlayer are already given when you use TopStone surface on old concrete or surface.

Yes. The surface can be relatively easily fixed in case of damage. However, it depends on the degree of damage. If the technological process is not respected (i.e. insufficient stiring of the mixture or use of incorrect ratios of resin and hardener), it may lead to crumbling of the stones over time. In this case it is necessary to add the mixture of stones to the surface and use TopVital renewal coating which solidifies the surface and restores it back to the desired functional state.

For more information, download TopVital - Renewal Coating Material Sheet.

TopStone surface is maintenance-free. Use snow shovel to remove the snow in winter. We recommend to wash the surface with hose or high-pressure water. The surface does not need any other maintenance in terms of its function or characteristics.

For more information, download TopVital - Renewal Coating Material Sheet

The warranty for the surface laid by TOPSTONE s.r.o. or by a certified partner is 2 years. When you buy and lay the material yourself, the expiration period of the material can be found on product packaging.

The first square metres of TopStone material were laid in the Beskid Mountains in 1996. This is the practically proven lifetime.

Your written order is confirmed the next business day including the delivery date and the method of transport. Delivery of the material does not take longer than a week. If you order the delivery of material together with laying, the delivery date needs to be agreed individually.

The shipping costs are not included in the price of the material and are always calculated individually (before the delivery of the material) and charged separately. If you decide to visit our showroom or our certified partners, you can also purchase the material in person at a discounted price.

The material needs to be stored in a dry place in its original packaging at the temperature between 12 and 25 ° C. The material needs to be processed within 12 months from the date of its production. See the information on product packaging.

  • It is possible to perform laying of the surface on unpaved areas. We provide two systems - TopStone Cell and TopStone Mesh.

    No extensive excavation work is required in comparison to other substitutes.
  • It is a high quality reinforcing fiberglass mesh with large pitch.

    It is used wherever there is a need to increase the flexural strength and flexibility of the TopStone system.

    TopMesh Material Sheet

  • This is an innovative design solution which uses trendy colours for interiors and exteriors that are supposed to differentiate. By default we recommend to apply this product in interiors.

    Being a member of the TopStone stone carpet family, this product is a blend of unique interior EpoStone Clear binder and natural dyed river stones.

  • Placing a heating mat below the TopStone surface enables excellent heat storage and transfer to the surface and into the room space. You can lay the stone surface on anhydrite after the residual moisture drops below 2 %. We recommend to apply priming twice due to the high absorbency of anhydrite.

There are 4 possibilities to terminate the stone surfaces:

- Gradient – Quick application without the need of formwork or terminal strip

- To the formwork – The advantage is in the possibility to create the edge of the surface with formwork.

- To a strip – The advantage is in the aesthetic appearance, ability to combine with other materials, the possibility of shaping the strip on rounded edges (use of shaping strips)

- To a drip edge – The advantage of this solution is in water drainage from the edge of the substructure, ability to combine colours with surface, and fast application.