TopStone Wall System

TopStone surface can be used both to beautify horizontal surfaces as well as vertical surfaces. Now much more easily without the use of formwork. You can make areas behind TV, in the kitchen or anywhere else special with an unconventional detail. The uniqueness and originality attracts attention at first sight. Wall systems offer various options depending on the destination and use with a closed structure for bathrooms, kitchens or an open structure for small walls etc... The ability to combine all offered kinds of stones (pearled, marble, river) with other materials will offer very satisfactory and original solutions.

TopStone surface can be used both to beautify horizontal surfaces as well as vertical surfaces. Now much more easily without the use of formwork.  In a very simple form, with the TopStone wall system, you create an unconventional and unique wall application from natural materials.


  • Creating original design surfaces, walls, plinths, showers,
    TopStone wall is a mixture of the unique certified TopWall binder and natural river, marble or pearl stones.

Possible applications:

  • Can be used to all types of substrates of vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (kitchens, showers, stairs, walls behind TV, hanger walls, column repairs,
    decorations, fireplace walls - up to 100 ° C...)
  • We recommend to enclose the structure of TopWall with the TopGel product when applying to wet areas


  • High water resistance, chemical resistance
  • 2 in 1 - priming is a part of binder
  • Natural look.
  • Heigh resistance with long life
  • Partial drainage capability, Faster curing
  • Higher UV stability 
  • Easy formability, Seamless surface
  • Nonylfenolfree 


  • The basic open structure of TopWall is used in areas where there is no permanent water load
  • is a blend of TopWall binder and selected ribbed, marble or pearl stones - for fractinos 2 - 8 mm, and hardened and sealed with TopGel epoxy gel

More information in Material Sheet TopWall

Quick and easy implementation​

Surface is maintained by mechanical means: broom, handle with a floor rubber scraper, high pressure water with temperature below 40 °C, steam. Chemical maintenance with common detergents, strong stains can be removed with e.g. benzine, acetone.

TopStone Quality

TopStone surface is a result of many years of development. The product has passed laboratory tests and is based on a patented binder technology (resin). Its quality lies in the corresponding weight proportion of the binder per square meter of surface and in the exact determination of the coverage of material. TopStone is simply a unique and fair solution.

TopStone and Health

The solution of TopStone interior system includes an offer of complementary products complementary products.