TopStone Balcony System

The system solution for the implementation of the complete TopStone Balcony System has a number of application benefits such as: shortened application time, low weight layer, possibility of laying prefabricated parts on a standardized balcony dimension or laying of a homogeneous mass, forming more complex details, thermal insulation properties, sound insulating impact attenuation up to 20db.

Comprehensive solution of the balcony system with TopStone products

Possibilities of use

  • balconies, loggia
  • terraces
  • entrance ramps


  • system solution shortened application time low weight of the gradient possibility of laying prefabricated parts on the standardized size of a  balcony or laying of a omogeneous mass,
  • forming more complex details
  • thermal insulation properties, sound insulation impact attenuation up to 20db

Instructions for Use

  1. The body of the balcony must be free of all incoherent parts and remnants of the existing
    layers (chipping, grinding, vacuuming).
  2. If there is a protruding or exposed reinforcement element in the balcony body, it needs to be
    repaired (grinding, cleaning with a wire brush, anticorrosive coating).
  3. After the primer dries (after about 6-12 hours, depending on the air and substrate temperature), apply TopLayer slope layer from lightweight stones to the desired thickness and gradient. It is a homogeneous material bonded with epoxy, which is applied in the same way as TopStone surfaces using a steel trowel cleaned with acetone..
  4. After curing of the slope wedge (after about 6-12 hours, depending on the air and substrate temperature), apply the enclosing layer of TopFiller, which encloses the pores in the slope wedge, then prepare a perfect base under the TopPur waterproofing membrane and place the metal drip on the TopFiller putty or on Mamut. 
  5. After curing of TopFiller (after about 6-12 hours, depending on the air and substrate temperature), perform installation of the reinforcing waterproof cover on joints, horizontal, vertical surface (wall/floor), penetrating structures (railings, pillars, anchoring elements), metal drips, balcony profiles - apply waterproofing membrane TopPur on such prepared
    surface using a triangular teeth trowel, with the tooth height of 3 mm, and after completing the waterproofing remove the air with an aeration roller - after the waterproofing dries (after about 6-12 hours, depending on the air and substrate temperature), apply the TopStone surface according to the manual.

The core element of the TopStone Balcony System is TopLayer.
Results of the TopLayer slope layer strength - see the test report nr. 412502281



  • A very attractive material due to its versatility
  • Creation of a slope layer with the min. gradient 1.5% using TopLayer.
  • Laying of prefabricated panels onto the TopFiller putty
  • It is necessary to apply bandaging on joints, expansion gaps, drip profiles, etc. after applying the TopFix primer.
  • The TopFix primer is also applied under TopLayer according to the absorbency of the substrate.
  • Backfill of stone or brick vaults during reconstructions
  • Reconstruction of wooden-beamed ceilings, ceiling and floor constructions
  • Thermal insulation filling in the attic space - walkable, cleanable
  • Thermal insulation filling - single-shell roof
  • Drywall, particleboard flooring - subbase, backfill of excavation and bridge constructions
  • Pressure relief subbase for roads and highways, green roofs

Functions, benefits:

  • Chemically stable, frost resistant, low bulk density of 200-500 kg/m, 12 times lighter than concrete
  • Quick application, reaction to fire class A2, absorbs shocks, shatterproof
  • Resistance to rodents and molds, without the wet laying process - reduced time application
  • System solution
  • The possibility of laying prefabricated parts on a standard size balcony
  • The possibility of laying the TopLayer mixture in various sizes and thicknesses depending on the substrate
  • Thermal insulation properties

More information:

TopStone Balcony System