TopStone Exterior

TopStone exterior is the perfect final option for a new surface, but also as an replacement or renovation of old and obsolete areas. The unique look of the surface catches the eye with its originality and also allows many variations and combinations of decor and mosaics. It creates an interesting, new design when complemented with appropriate accessories.

TopStone stone carpet, joy at every step


  • stone surface, floor material also a stone carpet for the finishing of concrete and other paved surfaces and floors. 
  • TopStone stone carpet is a blend of unique certified EpoStone binder and natural river or marble stones.

rovnice TopStone


  • terraces, walkways, balconies, stairs
  • entrances, driveways, parking places
  • poolsides
  • public spaces, residential and industrial premises
  • garden architecture decoration


  • Natural look.
  • High strength and long life.
  • Water permeable, doesn't get slippery and is frost resistant.
  • Easily formed, compact and seamless surface.
  • It does not contain nonylphenol or solvents and is harmless after curing.


  • It is a mixture of EpoStone binder and river stones. EpoStone binder is a unique binder material (a mixture of resin and hardener) which creates the main component of the surface. Filler consists of repeatedly washed river stones, high quality stones with fraction size 2-8 mm.

  • It is a mixture of EpoStone binder and marble stones. EpoStone binder is a unique binder material (a mixture of resin and hardener) which creates the main component of the surface. Filler consists of marble stones. High-quality crushed marble, repeatedly tumbled, washed and sorted, with fraction size 2-7 mm.
  • TopFix is a priming screed for perfect attaching of TopStone system to the substrate.
  • TopPur is a material for waterproofing of the substrate.
  • TopVital is a renewal material for higher surface gloss.
  • TopStop is a material which increases slip resistance of the surface.
  • expansion and terminal strips
  • tools and safety equipment

Quick and easy implementation

Laying (implementation) of TopStone surface is quick and easy and in case of smaller areas (up to 20 m2) it can be handled by every handyman. In the first step of laying, prime substrate with TopFix material and then immediately follow by laying of the TopStone surface. Applied within 24 hours. The surface is walkable 24 hours after completion and fully loadable after 7 days. We recommend to contact a professional construction company in case of larger areas.

Practical advantages 

Opportunity to combine different colors and types of surfaces. You can create a variety of decors and mosaics and achieve uniqueness and originality of the surface. TopStone surface also serves as levelling (the substrate does not need to be perfectly flat). Possibility of installation (application) of surfaces without substrate moisture percentage limitations (no technological break is necessary after application of screed).

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Surface is maintained by mechanical means: broom, handle with a floor rubber scraper, high pressure water with temperature below 40 °C, steam. In winter with wooden or plastic shovel with rubber handle, with snow blower (without chains). Chemical maintenance with common detergents, strong stains can be removed with e.g. benzine, acetone. It is possible to use salt or salt solutions in winter.

TopStone Quality

TopStone surface is a result of many years of development. The product has passed laboratory tests and is based on a patented binder technology (resin). Its quality lies in the corresponding weight proportion of the binder per square meter of surface and in the exact determination of the coverage of material. TopStone is simply a unique and fair solution.

TopStone and Health

EpoStone stone carpet binder is harmless, does not contain nonylphenol and is environmentally friendly.