Cast Surfaces

Discover the future in design surfaces

TopStone brings a unique and comprehensive range of construction chemicals for surface treatment. You can create perfect details and fine-tune the interior and exterior in line with the latest trends. Trowels, exposed concrete or even poured floors are a brilliant revival of the modern interior with a perfectly balanced ratio of visual originality and practicality. Exquisite industrial interior surfaces, practical and safe industrial floors and unique, original epoxy floors will elevate private and commercial spaces up a level.

Comprehensive range of building chemicals for attractive and practical surfaces

Get to know the TopStone building chemicals offer. All the necessary components for an unconventional, durable and beautiful surface.

High-quality penetration, tuned coatings and screeds, wall systems, lacquers and membranes as well as tools for application. Whether you are a craftsman or a handy handyman, you can easily cope with surfaces.

TopStone - a proven tradition

TopStone has an absolutely unique position in relation to the competition, for the longest tradition with which it is dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and selling products for creating unique surfaces. Our products come from proven sources, are regularly inspected and contain no harmful substances. We have been operating on the Czech and world markets for more than 20 years and we pride ourselves on the longest proven lifespan of surfaces, made of natural materials including waterproofing, penetration, floor coatings and other complementary products.

The limits of use of the building chemistry assortment are endless

Are you a builder, handyman, garage master or designer? With cast and epoxy floors, squeegees, paints, varnishes and other accessories, you can fine-tune and refine enormous car parks, home garages, utility rooms, warehouses, production halls, medical facilities, kitchens and private interiors, or even playful environments of schools and kindergartens. Renovate the office, make the showroom special, make the interior more attractive. TopStone is the best partner.

Park as in the living room

Thanks to the unique TopStone poured floors for garages and parking houses, you will get above standard treatment of these spaces. They are waterproof, resistant to mechanical effects, anti-slip and very well chemically resistant. Spills from leaked oil or sliding vehicles are a thing of the past. The surface can be selected in many shades. Do you solve parking spaces? Choose from our parking system solution.

Tune your industrial and warehouse space

Are you looking for a durable, practical and affordable floor for technical rooms, warehouses, dressing rooms, cellars and the like? Do you need to paint walls of toilets, business premises, bathrooms or production halls with a durable and aesthetic surface? Do you need to increase chemical resistance or level out inequalities? We can do that too. Choose from a wide range of industrial space systems.

Designer icing on cake

The legendary highlight of TopStone finishes and cast floors is the design, unique and breathtaking epoxy surfaces and squeegees. With these unusual gems, you will tune and underline the interiors of business and private spaces. Whether you reach for an industrial screed that mimics exposed concrete, a shiny poured floor, or a creative screed that can even create a milky way or sea level on the floor, you can elevate the interior one level higher. TopStone surfaces are not only very practical and durable, but also pleasing to the eye and know that your visitors will be wondering where you get this unconventional beauty. Make your space special and unforgettable with the TopStone design solution.

Are you solving a specific question of using TopStone surface? Need help? Contact our specialists who will be patient and will help you with the selection, preparation or realization.

Combination of features not found in the competition!

TopStone building chemicals are unique purely Czech poured floors and their finishes. They feature a unique combination of features. Long life, absence of joints, anti-slip, practicality, ecological and health safety (do not contain hazardous nonylphenol), excellent thermal conductivity, a wide range of aesthetic applications and simple implementation are just a selection of the long list of benefits that TopStone surfaces offer. Raw materials for production are from reputable suppliers from proven sources.

We are here for you!

A pleasant bonus is also above-standard customer care in the form of excellent service, training, expert advice and implementation itself if necessary. All products and accessories are in stock with a guarantee of fast delivery and realization.

Are you interested in what surfaces can TopStone be applied to? Where can it be used? How much does it cost? Whether and how do you manage to lay it yourself or whether it is possible to see the surfaces somewhere with your own eyes and touch them? Contact us, our specialists will solve specific questions and problems with you and propose solutions for you.


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