Useful information

The price includes binder, i.e. chemical components (resin comp. A and hardener comp. B), and filler, i.e. river or marble stones, in a fair amount and in time-tested quality. TopStone is a fair solution for a fair price.

The material is suitable for change or renovation of both old and new concrete surfaces in exterior and interior. Specifically, the material can be used to adjust sidewalks, terraces, balconies, driveways or garage entrances, poolsides, outdoor steps and stairs.

Material consumption is related to the recommended thickness of the surface. Recommended thickness of the surface with river stones is ​​1.5 cm for walkable areas and 2 cm for vehicle traffic.

Recommended thickness of the surface with marble stones is ​​1.5 cm for walkable areas, and the marble stone surface is not recommended for vehicle traffic.

In case of implementing vertical surfaces and if the substrate isn't ideally flat, we recommend to order enough extra material (at least 15 %).

Bearing capacity is related to the quality of substrate layers and the thickness of the surface.

We recommend to carry out laying in nice weather, recommended outside temperature should not drop below 10 °C. The temperature limit is 5 °C. Do not apply in rain.

The material is suitable for renewals of old concrete surfaces, it can also be used on interlocking pavement, if it is placed in a concrete base. It is also possible to use the material on old surfaces with ceramic tiles, if the tiles form a solid substrate. In case of cracks in the original concrete base, it is necessary to remove all incoherent and loose parts off the concrete surface to get rid of dirt, perform priming with TopFix material and fill all cracks with TopFiller sealant. Laying of the surface with the recommended installation thickness can be performed after leveling unevenness and potholes.

Foundation depth, quality, reinforcement and thickness of the new concrete base depends on the future purpose and use of the area, so we recommend to discuss these parameters with your professional designer.

TopStone surface can be laid on concrete when the residual moisture in the concrete is less than 4%. In any case, it is important to grind, vacuum and prime the surface.

We recommend priming despite the fact that the TopStone material has selfpriming properties. TopStone surface will adhere perfectly which will extend the life of the system. We offer and recommend TopFix priming from our product range. Priming is simple and can be done in one step with the laying of TopStone material.

Attention: Priming is always necessary in case of laying surfaces on a newly laid concrete (age less than 1 month) due to the high humidity of the concrete base.

If the concrete base, whether new or original, contains expansion gaps, it is necessary to use expansion gaps in the TopStone surface in the same place as well by inserting a new expansion strip above the original expansion strip of the concrete base.

If there are no expansion gaps in the base, it is not necessary to insert expansion gaps into TopStone surface.

Larger areas require expansion gaps - starting from 16 m2.

TopStone surface is maintenance-free. Use snow shovel to remove the snow in winter. We recommend to wash the surface with hose or high-pressure water. The surface does not need any other maintenance in terms of its function or characteristics.

If the user wishes to enhance the surface gloss of the material instead of the original natural appearance, revitalizing coating can be used. This coating will revitalize the surface and boosts the strength properties of the entire floor system.

The oldest TopStone surface can be found in the Beskid Mountains. It was laid by the bearer of the technology in 1996.