Complementary Chemicals

Complementary Chemicals PolyaStone - Unique Binder

PolyaStone is a unique UV stable binder which forms the major component of the TopStone® system

Complementary Chemicals EpoStone - a unique two-component binder

Bonding material for creating TopStone® Surfaces by connecting special pebblestones and other fillers offered by the company TOPSTONE.

Complementary Chemicals EpoStone Clear (twinpack)

Adhesive material for the creation of TopStone surfaces resulting from the joining  of special stones and other fillers offered by TOPSTONE. Closed structure. Designed for interiors and for marble stones, possible irrigation of stones and other objects.

Complementary Chemicals Top Fix - Adhesive and Priming Screed Material (twinpack)

Priming, adhesive layer for perfect adhesion of the TopStone system to the substructure.

Complementary Chemicals Top Vital - Renewal Coating (twinpack)

Renewal coating for brightening the surface gloss (the surface may lose gloss after certain time and load and the stones get dull - due to weather, UV radiation).

Complementary Chemicals TopPur - Substrate Waterproofing

Waterproofing material protecting against the ingress of moisture or other substances to the substructure before laying the TopStone system.

Complementary Chemicals Top Wall 24

Binder for applying the epoxy based wall system for stones with 2-4 mm fraction size.

Complementary Chemicals Top Wall 47

Binder for applying the epoxy based wall system for stones with 4-7 mm fraction size.

Complementary Chemicals TopGel

Special 3-component clear epoxy gel for enclosing the TopStone surface structure on horizontal surfaces or the TopWall surface structure on vertical surfaces. For areas permanently exposed to water.

Complementary Chemicals TopStop

Special anti-skid filler for higher safety when moving on the TopStone surface.